As we begin the school year

My oldest LP started school last week, I am both excited for him and terrified for how the house is going to function without him in it during the day. TB has never been without brother, they fight like all brothers do but they get along very well most of the time.

I get worried about how well he will sit for the teacher, I am worried about how well he will behave (because he is all boy!). I worry that he will have a hard time making friends, but then I remember that when we went and got ice cream the other day he said hi to everyone who walked in the doors, he is naturally friendly and he will be fine.


I need to remember that worrying doesn’t accomplish anything but making me more stressed out and more high strung, so that I get frustrated more easily and often retreat into reading instead of living my days playing with the boys like I should. I need to remember that God is watching out for us and that we are His and He will take our cares onto Him if we let Him.

We seem to be adjusting alright, they do not like getting up in the mornings, but then who really does? I think of things to do to occupy TB so that he doesn’t think about brother being gone. The first day we left LP behind at school he did not deal well, TB threw a fit until we got home, saying we needed to go back and get brother.

We all need to remember that we can overcome anything life throws at us!

That one lost the battle….

So you know Ruger eats everything, his toys, the boys toys, sprinklers, water hoses, real flowers, wood chips, fake flowers, now he has found he has a taste for dinosaur… Which can be difficult since there are no more dinosaurs. However the dinosaurs he seems to like are the plastic kind that can be chewed into smaller pieces. This is more funny because our friends have some “puppies” that are much smaller Havapoo, as apposed to his lumbering Mastador. Which immediately reminded me of a Mastodon, which lived at the time of the dinosaurs depending on what the scientists are thinking today. Anyway when we go to our friends house the boys find Mia and Molly’s bones and call them dinosaur bones. Toby likes to give the “puppies” their dinosaur bones. Ruger would probably think the “puppies themselves were chew toys!

Why Ruger can’t just eat dinosaur bones is beyond me. Instead he prefers to go for the head of the problem and just eat the whole dinosaur. This one has been missing legs and arms for a while courtesy of Ruger of course; this morning it finally lost the battle with its head. I threw it away, you know boys though, they will find it and ask why Ruger ate it…

Coloring and Jesus

I always wanted to be one to write in my Bible like you see the older generation whose Bible is all marked up and they can barely find a space to put a thought in. It messed with my head though, dessecrating a book THE Book that guides everything and helps us through the darkest parts of our lives. How can you write your thoughts in it? I always kept a notebook to write my thoughts in, until i found out about Journaling Bibles. I’m crafty however I am not crafty enough to draw the pictures and the lines myself so i began the research. What translation did I want? There are so many AMP, NKJV, NIV, MSG, I finally decided on the NLT version becasue it is the easiest to understand for me, you might like a different version. The Message is a great version of the Bible, I dont like that they didnt put verse numbers in it, it drives me crazy when I try to read it! I would love to one day have a book traslation of the Amplified, they don’t reallt have that one jn a journaling version yet.
Version determined I went to a Bible bookstore,

NLT journaling Bibles are not very popular they had one, it is called Inspire and it is a pretty Bible with birds on the cover and a lot of pages to color and lines in the margines to write. So i bought it. Couple months down the road, I’ve colored a few pictures been really careful to only use pencil, it’s still THE Book after all.

Then one day at Church my boys have all my pencils and i need to write something, so I have to use a pen (yes I collect stationary) anyway something clicks. God doesnt mind if I write in THE Book with a pen, he wpuld prefer it he wants me to take notes and learn. He wants me to be able to come back another day and see where I was in my faith while reading that passage and understand my walk more. If yoy have been trying to decide if you should or shouldnt write or color in your Bible, do it! It has helped me grow closer to Him, it has helped me face my faith and understand more of who I am in Christ.

When the failure creeps in

Have you ever felt it? Bone rattling failure like you can’t seem to acheive/do anything right and that looking at your past it seems like it’s just riddled with mistakes and wrong turns? As everyone prepares for back to school I feel that, I was a teacher once, I have had the back to school excitement; the classroom to decorate; the joy in meeting new students and journeying with them as they learned. Somewhere along the way it no longer worked, I didn’t have the skills to manage the classroom, I couldn’t teach them. I failed my students, I failed me.

Now it seems no matter what career choice I attempt next it all ends the same. Failure. I couldn’t work at Staples as a Tech assistant for longer than a year and a half. My temp job didn’t get extended. I can’t even seem to get the build your own businesses off the ground.

I can’t figure it out? Why would God put a passion for teaching in my heart if he won’t allow me to find a position that I can strive in? Why would God allow me to not even be able to hold down the simplest of jobs?

Our purpose as children of God isn’t always known to us, no I don’t have a job outside of the house. I have a job that allows me to be with my children daily and teach them. Do we have bad days? When Mom doesn’t want to do much and they run amuck? Yes we do, but they know they are loved. Both by their parents and by the God who created them.

I don’t always remember that my purpose in God is more important than my purpose in self, I forget that my God doesn’t abandon me when I am feeling like a failure. It is easy to feel that you are doing something wrong when the turns you take in your life don’t seem to take you toward the path you wanted. Just make sure they are taking your towards the path that matters. Towards the cross. Towards our precious Redeemer.

Organizing your Neighbor

Organizing your Neighbor

My neighbor wanted a better way to tame her paper clutter, so one day while we were over for dinner, yes in our little town we go to our neighbors house for dinner, I grabbed my phone and looked at Pinterest for some ideas for her organizational nightmare.

We decided on cut wooden crates on the wall and a “Look What I made” sign for each of her boys.

We gathered materials and got to work, at the time I didn’t know I was going to start a blog so I didn’t take many during pictures.

The crates are easy enough to create, a lot of times you see them cut the other way for books, we thought that the paper would fall out the side if we did it that way.

I stained these, cut them the width she wanted them with the jigsaw and then for stability we added some of the “slats” we cut off to the back to have something to screw the hangers to. This is before we hung the fourth crate for her youngest son.

The “Look What I made” signs were much easier you buy a piece of wood or find one if you can and cut it to the size you want, stain it the color you would like it to be. Then I used my Cricut cutting machine to cut out the vinyl to use for the words on the board and placed them on the wood. I sealed it with spray Mod Podge and attached the clothespins with wood glue. Some of the wood glue didn’t hold because the wood had already been sealed so we had to go back and re-glue the clothespins on- we used Gorilla glue the second time and they held much better on the sealed wood.


A Dog in the Paddock

Yesterday while eating breakfast I noticed our mastador Ruger was eating something, now this is not unusual, he eats everything, but he was eating one of my husbands socks we have a shortage of socks anyway because they go into the washer and dryer but one or the other of them eat them and they come out with not as many that went it! So Ruger got in trouble for eating socks….here is the look he gave me after he was reprimanded for eating socks.

He wanted to keep eating masters socks, I don’t know why I’m sure they tasted nasty.  He surely did not appreciate me telling him he could not eat the socks.

He has of course a small basket of toys that dogs are suppose to love to play with, does he like those? NO, he prefers to eat my artificial flower, my real flowers when I can keep them alive that is and anything else he can put in his mouth!

The other weird thing about our mastador is the way he sleeps, Reuben has deemed it “nuts up”  I am not sure how he does it, how could sleeping with your legs in the air be comfortable? He does it all the time. If he is not sleeping “nuts up” he is sleeping curled into a little ball. Now a mastador is a Labrador Retriever mixed with a Mastiff, so he is not a small dog at his 10 months of age. Here are some pictures of Ruger sleeping because everyone needs to see “nuts up” at least once.