Coloring and Jesus

I always wanted to be one to write in my Bible like you see the older generation whose Bible is all marked up and they can barely find a space to put a thought in. It messed with my head though, dessecrating a book THE Book that guides everything and helps us through the darkest parts of our lives. How can you write your thoughts in it? I always kept a notebook to write my thoughts in, until i found out about Journaling Bibles. I’m crafty however I am not crafty enough to draw the pictures and the lines myself so i began the research. What translation did I want? There are so many AMP, NKJV, NIV, MSG, I finally decided on the NLT version becasue it is the easiest to understand for me, you might like a different version. The Message is a great version of the Bible, I dont like that they didnt put verse numbers in it, it drives me crazy when I try to read it! I would love to one day have a book traslation of the Amplified, they don’t reallt have that one jn a journaling version yet.
Version determined I went to a Bible bookstore,

NLT journaling Bibles are not very popular they had one, it is called Inspire and it is a pretty Bible with birds on the cover and a lot of pages to color and lines in the margines to write. So i bought it. Couple months down the road, I’ve colored a few pictures been really careful to only use pencil, it’s still THE Book after all.

Then one day at Church my boys have all my pencils and i need to write something, so I have to use a pen (yes I collect stationary) anyway something clicks. God doesnt mind if I write in THE Book with a pen, he wpuld prefer it he wants me to take notes and learn. He wants me to be able to come back another day and see where I was in my faith while reading that passage and understand my walk more. If yoy have been trying to decide if you should or shouldnt write or color in your Bible, do it! It has helped me grow closer to Him, it has helped me face my faith and understand more of who I am in Christ.