As we begin the school year

My oldest LP started school last week, I am both excited for him and terrified for how the house is going to function without him in it during the day. TB has never been without brother, they fight like all brothers do but they get along very well most of the time.

I get worried about how well he will sit for the teacher, I am worried about how well he will behave (because he is all boy!). I worry that he will have a hard time making friends, but then I remember that when we went and got ice cream the other day he said hi to everyone who walked in the doors, he is naturally friendly and he will be fine.


I need to remember that worrying doesn’t accomplish anything but making me more stressed out and more high strung, so that I get frustrated more easily and often retreat into reading instead of living my days playing with the boys like I should. I need to remember that God is watching out for us and that we are His and He will take our cares onto Him if we let Him.

We seem to be adjusting alright, they do not like getting up in the mornings, but then who really does? I think of things to do to occupy TB so that he doesn’t think about brother being gone. The first day we left LP behind at school he did not deal well, TB threw a fit until we got home, saying we needed to go back and get brother.

We all need to remember that we can overcome anything life throws at us!