Don’t Drive Distracted!!

Everyone was so worried when cellphones came out because you could get so distracted by talking on it or texting on it. People sometimes drive down the road and put their makeup on! I am totally against texting and driving, don’t get me wrong, but I have 2 things that are way more distracting than your phone and I gave birth to them.

Whoever decided that getting distsracted while driving was just not a good idea never had 2 boys 2 years apart! Kids in general I think are a distraction while you are driving. TB did NOT like to ride in the car for any length of time until he was about 9 months old I think, he would scream the entire time he was strapped in! The only way you could get him to stop was to have your arm in his carseat we even took the headrest off the passenger side of the car to make it a little easier on the poor passenger who had to keep the baby from screaming bloody murder the whole trip!

Somedays I miss when it was just screaming, now it seems they think I can do all sorts of extra things while I drive. “Mommy I dropped my toy, can you get it?” sure kid I’ll just stand on my head, pay attention to the road and bend my arm at a very unnatural angle so I can reach the toy I asked you NOT to drop! Or I like the one where they have broken whatever toy they are playing with and they want me to fix it and drive at the same time!? Yes, I can fix a complicated toy and drive safely at the same time! When my car was messier it was easier for LP to get his own toys because his legs were long enough to reach the “toy box” now though he can’t reach the floorboards yet because I am making a conscious effort to keep my car clean.

I don’t know how to keep myself from being distracted while I drive, I guess kids are just always a distraction. No I do not make it a habit to stand on my head and twist my arm funny to get the toys the boys dropped, more often than not they are told that they will just have to wait until we get where we are going or pick another toy.

Am I the only Mom that has all these weird distractions? or is it pretty normal for all?