The maiden voyage of the Paddock RV

Or was it? Oh my our vacation started out very interestingly! We were originally going to leave on Saturday, however Reuben had to work so we left around 8:30 on Sunday Morning. We had gotten the RV finished in time and packed with an outrageous amount of stuff even though I am pretty sure I forgot quite a lot of things.

We got the boys strapped in, made sure the dogs were going to stay home and went on our way out of town. Our first stop was to fill the outrageously large gas tank! On our way to Love’s one of the awnings above the small windows broke loose and we forgot to securely latch some of the doors so we had to stop to fix that. We continue down the road and all of a sudden it feels like we are loosing power for some reason. Reuben looks back and the brakes are smoking. We get to a place where we can stop and look at the brakes, they need to be lubricated which give everyone a great laugh. It also takes a couple hours.

Then we are of again! We are doing good, the thing bounces around and rattles like it is going to fall apart, which I am told are all mostly normal sounds, scary. We get 50 miles from home about 20 from where we were and it does it again. Reuben goes to look at the brakes again and can’t figure anything wrong with them and goes to start the RV and it won’t start…we aren’t getting any fuel. So our amazing neighbor who had already spent his morning helping us with the brakes brought us a fuel pump. We got that changed and then we weren’t getting any spark…..ugh So we went and got the parts to fix the no spark problem.

That fixes it and we are off again! by this time its like 3pm in the afternoon, we have to stop and get a spare tire, so we do that take the kid to the bathroom get some snacks that weren’t in the RV and go on down the road. We are doing great…until we start to loose power again right outside of Rolla, KS. We made it 73 miles from our house…. We can’t do anything with the RV in the dark so we hang out, I go get pizza with the car we were towing in Elkhart. We all sleep in the RV, the boys sleep great above the cab, they stay nice and warm in their footie sleepers. Reuben and I froze our butts off in the back of the RV, which we have decided to name “Black Betty” blam balam…

Oh and while loading the car back on the car dolly I overshot and got the car stuck….

So the next morning we get the car off the dolly the wrong way and on the correct way while fighting with the signal on our cell phones trying to find the parts to fix the brakes. I am also trying to convince Reuben that we don’t need to take the RV all the way to California if it is going to keep breaking down. He is concerned I will never want to go anywhere in it again if we abandon this maiden voyage of “Black Betty” blam balam. I manage to convince him, in part because he sees that like always I am right…well maybe not… mainly because not one of the auto part stores in the area had the parts we needed and wouldn’t be able to get them in until Friday, this was Monday and we needed to be in Felton, CA by Friday.

We are off again! only this time we are going east instead of west, and we make it 10 minutes….Reuben lets off some of the pressure with the break fluid and we are off again! and we make it 3.4 miles. oh my was Monday a long day! We make it back to the house around 4 pm we went 73 miles in 4.5 hours, stopping every so often to bleed the brakes and continue on our journey.

When we made it to the house we had some more surprises! The puppies were not not there, Harley came when I called, although she didn’t have her collar on. So I run into the house using the spare key because I didn’t take mine with me. And I leave it on the back of the couch and come back outside to look for Ruger. However the back door didn’t stay unlocked and we are locked out of the house. To add to the crappy day we already had we are locked out of the house, and I made sure all the windows were locked before I left. So we can’t crawl through the windows to get in. Reuben manages to break into the house, I found Ruger at the neighbors and we call it a night….after I take our clothes and all the perishable food out of the RV, we were running around like chickens for quite a while

Maiden voyage of “Black Betty” an official failure, however we will fix her and she will ride again!

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  1. However, the vacation was a huge success and everyone had a wonderful time! Better luck next time with “Black Betty”

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