Boys and their Animals

We have two boys LP is 5 and will be starting Preschool in an amazing district soon. He loves vehicles of any kind, his stuffed animals, his pet animals and his family.

TB is 3 and is our chubby monkey, he seemed to turn 3 and start throwing temper tantrums about everything. He doesn’t remember how to do the simplest things anymore like zip his sleeper or use his own fork! He loves his older brother and is going to have a hard time when he goes to school, they have never been separated before. It will be good for them.

My husband was my high school sweetheart, we started dating when I was a freshman and he was a sophmore and got married when I graduated from college. He is an amazing man who supports our family by working in the oil field. He likes to joke that I am an oil field wife, and I only stick with him because of the oil field money!

We have 2 dogs- Harley is a rescue that is some kind of husky mix, she is a funny dog that barks at the doorbells on the tv.

Ruger is our mastador he is 10 months old and he eats everything! Fake flowers, real flowers, wooden blocks, books, stuffed animals, water hose, sprinklers, socks…basically anything he can get his teeth on!

We also have 3 cats- one male- Bullet- and two “dilapidated” females Rocky and Rexy I say “dilapidated” because they can’t bend their legs right.