Favorite Boy Sayings

I have two boys and everyone know that they can be hilarious when they want to be and turds when they want to be also. This is going to be a running page of my favorite saying that my boys have said or I have had to say to them at one time or another to give you a little laugh in your day!

LP was about 3 I think and we only had one cat at the time his name was Patches,  he was in the living room minding his own business while LP was eating some pudding. I was on the phone with my Grandma- and I had to tell my 3 year old “Don’t paint the cat with the pudding!” that is probably my favorite saying I have had to say to LP.

TB “Momma I’m going to put my towers right here so ghostses don’t get them”

TB comes into the kitchen “Momma where is all that smoke coming from?”
LP five minutes later “Momma why is it so smokey in here? Is dinner ready? “