Organizing your Neighbor

Organizing your Neighbor

My neighbor wanted a better way to tame her paper clutter, so one day while we were over for dinner, yes in our little town we go to our neighbors house for dinner, I grabbed my phone and looked at Pinterest for some ideas for her organizational nightmare.

We decided on cut wooden crates on the wall and a “Look What I made” sign for each of her boys.

We gathered materials and got to work, at the time I didn’t know I was going to start a blog so I didn’t take many during pictures.

The crates are easy enough to create, a lot of times you see them cut the other way for books, we thought that the paper would fall out the side if we did it that way.

I stained these, cut them the width she wanted them with the jigsaw and then for stability we added some of the “slats” we cut off to the back to have something to screw the hangers to. This is before we hung the fourth crate for her youngest son.

The “Look What I made” signs were much easier you buy a piece of wood or find one if you can and cut it to the size you want, stain it the color you would like it to be. Then I used my Cricut cutting machine to cut out the vinyl to use for the words on the board and placed them on the wood. I sealed it with spray Mod Podge and attached the clothespins with wood glue. Some of the wood glue didn’t hold because the wood had already been sealed so we had to go back and re-glue the clothespins on- we used Gorilla glue the second time and they held much better on the sealed wood.


A Dog in the Paddock

Yesterday while eating breakfast I noticed our mastador Ruger was eating something, now this is not unusual, he eats everything, but he was eating one of my husbands socks we have a shortage of socks anyway because they go into the washer and dryer but one or the other of them eat them and they come out with not as many that went it! So Ruger got in trouble for eating socks….here is the look he gave me after he was reprimanded for eating socks.

He wanted to keep eating masters socks, I don’t know why I’m sure they tasted nasty.  He surely did not appreciate me telling him he could not eat the socks.

He has of course a small basket of toys that dogs are suppose to love to play with, does he like those? NO, he prefers to eat my artificial flower, my real flowers when I can keep them alive that is and anything else he can put in his mouth!

The other weird thing about our mastador is the way he sleeps, Reuben has deemed it “nuts up”  I am not sure how he does it, how could sleeping with your legs in the air be comfortable? He does it all the time. If he is not sleeping “nuts up” he is sleeping curled into a little ball. Now a mastador is a Labrador Retriever mixed with a Mastiff, so he is not a small dog at his 10 months of age. Here are some pictures of Ruger sleeping because everyone needs to see “nuts up” at least once.