RV restoration and adventures

We are planning a trip to California to visit family in October. We were going to rent an RV but came across on we could buy for the same price we could rent one for so we bought it. It is a 1983 Winnebago Chieftain- before we can take it out of course we had to renovate it some- here are the pictures and some descriptions of the progress so far.

Before Pictures:

Oh the Cheetah print ….the whole cab was Cheetah print! I don’t like animal print it is not my style at all! So we knew that before we took any form of trip that HAD to go!

Our youngest climbing on the Cheetah cab!

Kitchen area, there isn’t a big plan to to do much with this except replace the bouncy floor right now. I may paint the inside of the cabinets a fun tourquise color!

The back has two twin beds instead of one queen, that may need to change eventually.

Good picture of down the hallway!

On to the renovations!

We noticed that the floor was bouncy, it almost felt like you were going to go through it right in front of the couch area. That is a little scary, we didn’t want to go through the floor while we were on our trip!

So we dug in!

The Ryobi one + tool was very handy for the job!

We found a good place for the boys to “help” while we worked!

They got to help liberate the Cheetah cab too!